Meet the Team

Kristi Galbraith

Kristi Galbraith

Principal, Photo Producer, Photographer

Kristi has been taking photos since childhood, but after 20+ years working alongside her husband Gregg – she now tackles various architectural photography roles and assignments at Red Studio. As photo producer, she also handles all job planning, provides art direction during shoots, and keeps everything on track and on budget to achieve client goals. She is a native of Portland with a B.S. in graphic design from Portland State University. When she is not shooting on location for clients, she enjoys photographing wide landscapes, flora & fauna, and capturing the unique character of places through its architecture and culture.

Gregg Galbraith

Gregg Galbraith

Principal, Photographer

Gregg is a principal owner and has been a professional photographer for more than 30 years. He specializes in location photography for architectural, industrial, landscape, aerial and editorial applications. Originally from Montana, Gregg retains his love of big skies, landscapes and open spaces – all of which influence his work. Gregg has a B.A. in economics from Central Washington State University. Anyone who knows Gregg well has at least one memory that involves Jack Daniels.

Victoria Jones

Graphic Designer, Production Diva, Writer

Victoria has been a production typesetter and graphic designer for years and years – and years. She has been in the printing industry for 30+ years, not counting being editor of the school newspaper as a first-grader. Her interests outside the office include playing with her grandchildren, cooking for guests, reading and watching spectator sports of all kinds. She’s known to throw a pretty good party, too.

Greg Kozawa


Greg has been a part of the Red Studio “back-up” team for many years - mostly covering shoots while Gregg & Kristi have been traveling - but he has become our most requested client event photographer. His nickname, G2, is now one of his official calling cards. He also does an amazing job matching Red Studio's style on Commercial Real Estate interiors and exteriors - using his extensive 30-year background in Commercial, Architectural, Editorial and Still life photography.